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Why do we offer Physical Therapy Consultative Services?

Physical Therapy Consultative Services are offered to assist our clients in achieving their goals regarding injury prevention and cost effective management of injuries that have occurred. From Functional Capacity Evaluations to Ergonomic Assessments, IMX can assist you in managing your Occupational Health demands. Jill S. Galper, PT, M.Ed., Vice-President of Clinical Program Development, oversees all aspects of these Services.

For more information on these programs, contact Jill Galper by email at, or by telephone; 484-329-7000, Extension 3892.

What Physical Therapy Consultative Services Are Available?

Post-Offer Functional Testing

  • Assists employers by determining whether job applicants can perform the critical physical demands of the job.

Ergonomic Assessments

  • A Job Analysis or Functional Job Description identifies the physical demands of a specific job and outlines the essential physical tasks of that job.

  • A Work Risk Assessment is a comprehensive analysis that identifies risk factors in a specific job and provides recommendations for abatement of those risks.

  • A Workstation Analysis focuses on an employees' specific workstation with recommendations to optimize work practices and design.

Injury Prevention Training Programs

  • Prevention of Low Back and Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders are programs offered to employers to reduce or prevent these types of workplace injuries. Training sessions for management (Train the Trainer) and for employees directly is also available.

Expert Witness

  • Consultations are provided regarding physical therapy practice and adherence to standards of care; all recommendations are supported by evidenced-based and scientific literature.

Peer and Utilization Reviews

  • Concurrent or retrospective reviews address the reasonableness and necessity of physical therapy treatment. Recommendations are supported by evidence-based and scientific literature.

Health Promotion and Wellness Programs

  • These pro-active programs are designed to decrease healthcare costs for employers, through lifestyle improvement programs.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Benefits of Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Determines an individual's readiness to work after an injury or illness.
  • Determines the work capacity of individuals with chronic pain.
  • Assists in formulating disability determinations.
  • Utilized by employers for pre-employment or post-offer screenings of their prospective employees.
  • Aids insurance carriers or attorneys in assessing the extent of damages in litigation.

Independent Medical Evaluation and Functional Capacity Evaluation-Combination

  • A focused Functional Capacity Evaluation lasts approximately two hours; the testing is focused on a specific body part or a specific issue relevant to the individual being tested.
  • A full Functional Capacity Evaluation delivers a more comprehensive evaluation. The test usually takes four hours.
  • In many cases, Functional Capacity Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations can be performed at the same location, offering convenience and ease of use for the customer and the individual being tested.

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